All the breath of all the people who have ever lived is kept behind this door.

Samye Tibet

I asked the Monk what is behind this door… He answered, “This is where we keep all the breath of all the people who have ever lived.”

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Homage to Louis Wain

Dowlen Painting of Schizophrenic Cat:

White Cat Named Louis Wain Showing Signs of Schizophrenia
Oil on panel Framed 20.5″H x 20″ W
My painting of this obviously crazed and schizy cat recalled to me an artist I once read about years ago in Psychology Today named Louis Wain. I named my painting in homage to this very interesting talented painter of the late nineteenth Century London. You may have seen his cat paintings.

A rare photo of Louis Wain at his drawing table.

Below: Samples of Wain’s cat paintings from his early “cute” cats and progressing to his later “schizy” cats that show up later.

Do these paintings illustrate symptoms of his psychological descent into schizophrenia?
Psychologists have had a field day displaying what they call tangible examples of his illness.
True he was hospitalized at the age of 57 unable to cope with his day to day existence. His sisters said that these psychedelic aspects began to show up after he fell off of an Omnibus and hit his head.

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Moon Fall

I am dream-walking to the window where I stand staring transfixed by a shadow that dances out there across the night.

I require no more reason to be transfixed. My eyes trace a horseman galloping across the clearing and is absorbed into the amorphous shadows cast by a monolithic prehistoric tree rising from the dew soaked meadow. Slices of silver moonlight light become anomalies appearing and disappearing. I make them into symbols that take on specific meanings to me. Most times I let them dance there and they soon disappear. Other times I entertain them with my attention and they soak my cortex as creative ideas so I am never short of inspiration. Often they are waiting for me there at the foot of the bed when dawn breaks, in startling reality. These I will carry to the easel and into paint.

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Wet (paint) Dream

There is a category of dreams that I have identified and I believe this must haunt nearly everyone from time to time. These dreams will rise up from the responsible areas of the sub-conscious mind regarding your job. Did I do a good job? Will I be late for work? Where will my next job come from?

Look carefully at the symbols of these dreams they are profound. Why do you have a job? are you suited for your job. Your dreams will tell you.

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Vows from the 9th century

From the 9th century this fragment reveals a link between the earliest Tibetan pre-Buddhist philosophy and has some rules to live by.

Bon, or also referred to as the “Religion of Men” or the “Practice of Virtue”. Here are some rules or vows that could be read on the few fragments that could be found. Wonderfully simple and surprisingly concise and I think quite humorous.

1. Do not perform sexual intercourse with relatives.
2. Do not kill any sentient being.
3. Avoid quarrels with the malicious, the angry and the stupid.
4. Rely on spells for a multitude of joys.
I have no arguments here. What do You think?

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Nubian Princess Talisman

There are trigger artifacts I have found that beg to enter my dreams.
Some that become talisman for dreaming.

This small Nubian Princess found it’s way to an honorable place at the top of the stair way that leads to my bedroom. I dream of her often.

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