Wet (paint) Dream

There is a category of dreams that I have identified and I believe this must haunt nearly everyone from time to time. These dreams will rise up from the responsible areas of the sub-conscious mind regarding your job. Did I do a good job? Will I be late for work? Where will my next job come from?

Look carefully at the symbols of these dreams they are profound. Why do you have a job? are you suited for your job. Your dreams will tell you.

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7 Responses to Wet (paint) Dream

  1. admin says:

    Tell me your dreams

  2. GWB says:

    Often only on Sunday nights just as I am drifting off I will be startled awake by a very loud and annoying alarm clock that goes off on a night stand by my bed which I fumble for and slap silly till it stops. Just as I drift off back to sleep I am jarred awake by that same awful alarm clock again. Then again and again.
    The thing is I do not have an alarm clock and I don’t even have a night stand. GWB

  3. admin says:

    Hmmm… Sunday night, hey? Could this dream be job related?

  4. GWB says:

    I lost my job last year. I am looking for a job now…
    but not really very diligently.

  5. admin says:

    There you go!

    I’m betting your alarm clock is saying “get out of bed and find a damn job”

    Sunday nights are nights your guilt thing comes up. You know the job hunting starts Monday morning bright and early. What do you think?

  6. GWB says:

    You know I slept down stairs last night and set the alarm on my watch which got me up early today, Put on my version of a suit and tie and went down town to beat the pavement looking for work. I will keep you tuned in to my pursuits. We shall see if the phantom night stand and alarm clock vanish.
    Cool Blog

  7. admin says:

    Good luck in your search…

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