Moon Fall

I am dream-walking to the window where I stand staring transfixed by a shadow that dances out there across the night.

I require no more reason to be transfixed. My eyes trace a horseman galloping across the clearing and is absorbed into the amorphous shadows cast by a monolithic prehistoric tree rising from the dew soaked meadow. Slices of silver moonlight light become anomalies appearing and disappearing. I make them into symbols that take on specific meanings to me. Most times I let them dance there and they soon disappear. Other times I entertain them with my attention and they soak my cortex as creative ideas so I am never short of inspiration. Often they are waiting for me there at the foot of the bed when dawn breaks, in startling reality. These I will carry to the easel and into paint.

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2 Responses to Moon Fall

  1. James says:

    Moon Fall was painted using Dr. Martin dyes which have a wonderful fluid saturated flow and bleed as the color disperses in wetness. This little painting has followed me all these years as one of my favorite paintings and hangs today in the bowels of my under ground bunker / studio. After more than 30 years almost no one has laid eyes on it till recently…

    But this year (2009) I licensed my Moon Fall image to be used as poster image to promote a local cause: Yamhill Watershed Stewardship Fund.

  2. James says:

    I painted Moon Fall a long long time ago. I believe it was 1976. I was then twenty seven years old, a landmark year for me. I was developing the habit of keeping a dream journal / dream sketch book where I discovered some of the symbolic themes and the wonderful places I could visit in these vast endless altered states of sleep.

    I soon discovered that I could effect these dreams consciously and stimulate a higher level of intrigue. I could effectively enhance the bizarreness or weirdness or even turn up the erotic temperature of my dreams. Not effective every time but often enough to nearly grasp a method.

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