Homage to Louis Wain

Dowlen Painting of Schizophrenic Cat:

White Cat Named Louis Wain Showing Signs of Schizophrenia
Oil on panel Framed 20.5″H x 20″ W
My painting of this obviously crazed and schizy cat recalled to me an artist I once read about years ago in Psychology Today named Louis Wain. I named my painting in homage to this very interesting talented painter of the late nineteenth Century London. You may have seen his cat paintings.

A rare photo of Louis Wain at his drawing table.

Below: Samples of Wain’s cat paintings from his early “cute” cats and progressing to his later “schizy” cats that show up later.

Do these paintings illustrate symptoms of his psychological descent into schizophrenia?
Psychologists have had a field day displaying what they call tangible examples of his illness.
True he was hospitalized at the age of 57 unable to cope with his day to day existence. His sisters said that these psychedelic aspects began to show up after he fell off of an Omnibus and hit his head.

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