Drawing, printmaking and various other things

This Choice was made early in my teen years, my life as an artist has evolved and matured into what I do today, more than 50 years later. Still the center of my life is my art. I have been a full time professional artist since 1972. Those years have allowed me to refine certain abilities, hone my artistic focus and expression and drawing is still the back bone of my developed painting technique as well as my graphic arts career.

In the years 1972 to 1974 I was fortunate to study under the master print maker / art professor Elizabeth Quant in Santa Rosa, California at The Santa Rosa Junior College. My training and apprenticeship under her was fabulous. I consider this training to be as good as it gets. Print making has not been the medium of choice to full use and would apply grant money to outfit my studio with a printing press and equipment and re kindle that wonderful training in my current art studio.
This would in effect telescope my honed drawing abilities into this classic art form printmaking that is today being left behind and is becoming somewhat a lost art.

I have not made etchings or block prints in many years but I am rekindling these art techniques this year. We shall see where it leads me.

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  1. James says:

    Very interesting read… were you raised CATHOLIC?

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