Lucid Dreaming

A dream is taking place here.
The dream now hovering around me.

It settles three feet above the floor like a layer of fog.
Distracted by the tapping sounds of typewriter keys.
Someone is busy typing out a story in another room just down the hall.

But this is a dream room and that must be a dream typewriter.
Here is where the dream line splits like a fork in a path.
This dreamline temptation? or that dreamline temptation?

There is someone standing beside me.

2 Responses to Lucid Dreaming

  1. James says:

    Dreaming is highly visual state of mind. So drawings and photos and especially manipulated photos are a very expressive way to express dreams. Would you agree?

    And in the case of lucid dreaming these visual mediums can stimulate and anchor down a platform or trigger for lucid dreaming. For me this has become, more less, a private art form. I am the artist and at the same time, I am the audience.

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